Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Karma or Intuition

This morning I woke up and went about my morning routine. I always hate getting dressed, especially since my body has changed so much from carrying around 2 big old babies. So it always takes me a few tries to find the right outfit. I pulled out a pair of blue pants and then went hunting for a shirt. I found a purple shirt I liked and had "lost" for a few weeks (crumpled up in a ball in the back of my drawer). The blue pants and purple shirt didn't work so well together but thanks to a few pooped through outfits at daycare I had washed a pair of khakis last night that were still in the dryer.

I left on the blue pants and went downstairs to make breakfast and morning bottles. I debated running down to get my pants. I thought for a moment "I can just leave these on until I finish feeding the girls in case someone pukes all over me." I decided to run down and change now before the girls woke up. Bad decision.

I feed the girls on a twin nursing pillow since I still breast feed them in the morning and then I give them about 2 or 3 oz in a bottle. It is easier to just leave them on the nursing pillow. I finished feeding the girls and guess what happened. L puked all over herself and me. There was a puddle in my lap. I mop her up with a cotton breast pad (the only thing within reach) and don't even bother with my pants. Luckily she didn't get my shirt.

So I either have really great mother's intuition or karma heard my thoughts and the universe is out to get me today. In either case maybe I should have gone back to bed!

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