Monday, March 26, 2012

Photo post

I have a ton of cute photos of my babies I had to share:

Miss Lily living it up as a flower girl in my sister's wedding.  Seriously I need to hire her out to people as a professional flower girl.  She loved it!  The pretty dress and shoes (her dancing shoes and twirly princess dress) were perfect for her.  She walked down the aisle and held her little flowers.

our Christmas picture this year


Sophie and Nana, Soph wasn't as sure about the whole flower girl thing.  She walked with me down the aisle and only did so because I let her hold my flowers.  She was a very good girl, except she fell on the kneelers during the ceremony.  No tears just a loud bang.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Not Sure Whether to Laugh or Cry

Having toddelers is a bit of an emotional roller coaster.  One second you're yelling at them to share and then you're fixing boo boos and giving out snuggles.  Both girls are very into using their immagination and they love to pretend things they see mommy and daddy doing.  They are also little parrotts. 

Lily has gotten a bit bossy and has lots of interesting ideas about what to play.

She loves to tattle and tell people when they need a time out (mimicking mama).  A few little stories:
She is playing dress up with my sister and they come and show me.  Em stays with me and Lily disappears to come back and tell Em that she can't find her earring.  She says "I need my earring so I can go teach the kids."  (that's what I tell her I do when I go to work, teach the kids)

The other day she was explaining to our neighbor that she need to climb up on his roof to get the crown off the chimney (no idea).  She gives him a long explanation and he tries to tell her she can't go on the roof because it is dangerous.  She pauses and looks at him with one hand on her hip and she throws one hand up and says "so what's the problem?"

She farted the other day, and our nanny told her to say excuse me.  Lily told her "why, my butt burped."

Sophie isn't as bossy but she has her own little quirks.  She is my rough and tough girl.

Soph loves to tell you all about things.  When we read a book, she won't let you turn the page until she describes the pictures to you.  She loves to help clean up and gets terribly mad if you start without her.  She is daddy's shadow.  She is also the queen of coming up with weird names for things:

daddy crackers- peanut butter crackers
bam bam- band aid
cow milk- vanilla milk (has a cow on the carton)
ice- she needs an ice pack to go to sleep with (it's a stalling technique)

Life will never be boring.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Under Quarantine and other randomness

We've been horribly miserably sick over here for the last week and a halfish.  The girls had their first bout with pink eye, which is lovely.  Actually we were pretty lucky and only the girls had it and we've seemed to have been able to get rid of it completely.  They only had bad symptoms for a little over a day.  We've had lots of rough nights though.  Both girls ended up in bed with us, taking turns, over the last few nights.

I think the culprit of some of the left over sniffles is this:
gotta love all the pollen.  We've also had some serious tick problems.  We've been doing lots of hiking and J and I both had tick bites, luckily we only found one crawling on Lily.  Ugh they creep me out.  We also found two snakes on a walk.  Can I tell you how much I hate snakes!  Being a Texas girl I've seen my fair share but I think they are on the top of my hate list.  J lets me close my eyes when they are on tv and tells me when the bad part is over.  I know I'm a child.
The tree above is in our front yard and I adore it.  It is a pain in the but though.  I think J and I (mostly J) have swept and raked up the falling petals about twice a day for the last week.  He wants to cut it down, don't worry he won't.  It blooms for all of two days and then everything falls off.  In a month or so it will drop it's seeds and then we'll get to clean all those up too.

I'll leave you with a picture of my Lily bug, she's a ham but will only let you take pictures of her when she is in the right mood.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Photo a day

I haven't posted any of these yet, and I'm missing a few but it really is fun to do.  So here are most of my March pictures.

Up (Soph)




smile (me and Lil)

5 pm

Something I wore (Lil)


loud (I love this picture)

Someone I talked to today (he has that what are you talking about lady look on his face, most likely he is telling me "feed me!")





funny (80 degrees in March- what!)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New hobby

I've started something new in my "spare" time.  Well I guess it really isn't new because I've been doing it for a year but I've just fully embraced it!  I've started quilting.

My mom quilts and she was a member of a quilting group/bee when we lived in Richmond, VA.  I remember her quilting and I know she enjoys doing it.  She is a hand quilter and uses her machine to piece the squares.  Well some of my mothers of multiples friends were starting a bee last year and I decided to join in.  I finished that quilt, my first, in January (of this year).  I waited for some of the blocks and then I was going to hand quilt it and didn't like doing that so when I got my sewing machine for Christmas (I was using my mom's Bernina, which meant I could only sew at her house) I decided to start machine quilting.

I love it!  I finished my first quilt and then joined a class online and finished quilt number two.  I have an insane number of projects, but I love it.  I love the fabric and deciding on colors and designs and quilting designs and everything :-)  My favorite part though is putting on the binding, which most people don't like to do, but I love spreading the quilt out and feeling the little bumps from the quilting and hand stitching on that very last finishing touch.

So here is quilt number two: Cascade

meandering box stitch

The Front

The back

So what I'm working on now:
Binding stage-
Modern Mini Challenge quilt

Quilting stage-
Lily's pinwheel

Asterisk blocks
Granny Square
Paint Box kinda

Sophie's star quilt using Sarah Jane's Children at Play
Swoon using Urban Chiks' Urban Cowgirl

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mug Rug

I decided to compete in Ellison Lane's Modern Mini Challange

So below is my entry. It was going to be a granny square but I messed up the 1/4 in seam allowance and well happy accidents. I love using minis to try new free motion techniques. I tried the flower in the middle of this one and I love it! I'm going to use it on Lily's quilt.

Anyway tada:

Full view

My quilted flower

Better lighting :-)

In use!


In January (I think, all the months run together!) my dad had to go down to Texas for some work.  He was gone for two weeks and discovered a new hobby, geo-caching.  Since returning home he has gotten J hooked.  Geo-caching involves basically a treasure hunt and the girls love it!  So we've spent the last few weekends going treasure hunting, which is what the girls call it.  J took them twice this weekend, and twice last weekend.  I like it because sometimes I go and it is a blast but it is also something J doesn't mind doing without me, so I get a chance to stay home and relax child-free.  This is a very new experience, I usually have to leave the house to be without children!

Here are a few pictures we took last week:

One of Sophie's treasures- a green dino (she loves dinosaurs!)

J and Sophie trudging through the woods.  Soph is a trooper and loves to collect sticks and rocks as we walk.

Soph showing off her cold weather fashion.


The girls, we trudge through the mud and everything.  Like my hat?  The girls wouldn't wear it.

(This is a Sophie heavy post, didn't realize it.  Lily loves to treasure hunt too.  Her favorite is to ride on someone's shoulders and she provides valuable entertainment- singing)

Friday, March 2, 2012


A few weeks ago we had our 6 month ENT check up.  The girls had tubes placed in their ears when they were 10 months.  The tubes have been fantastic!  We had one ear infection, as opposed to 6 and 7 in 3 months without them.

At the last 6 month check up neither of the girls' tubes were working and both had fluid.  So they signed us up for a new set.

A little back ground on Soph.: she has had a runny nose since she was 6 months old and snores like an old man (poor thing).  So since before the last set when in I've been talking to the doctors about what to do with her nose.  Is it allergies?  All they've told me is eh.  So I finally get the ENT to do an x-ray of her adenoids.  They are huge.  So she had them out.

Everything went well.  Both acted as though nothing had happened.  They were out playing later that day, which I probably shouldn't have allowed but oh well.  Soph still has a runny nose but I think she got a cold from me.  The snoring has pretty much stopped yay!

Lily and dad eating a popsicle post surgery in the recovery room.

A rare opportunity for me to snuggle Soph while she was still out.

Reading with dad waiting for Soph to wake up

Popsicles and Nick Jr.

Pop Pop and Lily with her second popsicle

Dino pjs, popsicles and a milkshake for Soph

Later that afternoon

Snuggling with Nana

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feb photo a day part 2


Something I hate to do (break up fights)

10 am





Favorite pic of me

Bathroom cabinet



Food (post surgery)

Listening to (maroon 5 but my iPhone has issues)

Where I work