Friday, July 15, 2011

Lily vs the Potty Seat

So a funny thing happened at Babies R' Us. That's totally how all good mommy stories start right. Anyway I decided to go to BRU so I could buy the toddler bed attachment for our convertable cribs. I'm not ready to put the girls in toddler beds but our neighbors 21 month old son just started climbing out of his crib and it takes 10-12 weeks for the special order side rails to come in the mail. So I decided to order them early and be ready for when the girls start climbing out, since Sophie already climbs out of the pack and play.

Any way, we're at BRU and I'm shopping with the girls in the cart buying pacifiers and sippy cups. I stopped and picked up two potty chairs since I had a $3 coupon and you know be prepared even though we aren't ready to start potty training either. The girls are bickering in the cart and getting impatient. I head to the crib section and Lily is playing with the potty seat. As I pull up to the counter she is wearing the seat on her head like a hat and making Sophie giggle. I don't pay much attention because at least they are behaving. I start talking to the salesman and next thing I know Lily has the potty seat around her neck.

Lily begins to cry saying "I stuck." The sales guy watches as I try to squeeze her out and begin to realize nope she is really stuck. I am in Babies R Us with a screaming child with a potty seat stuck on her head. What am I going to do? The guy gets a manager and I calm Lily down. Any way the manager gets baby oil and we manage to squeeze her out. It was rather traumatizing for Lily and very funny and embarassing for mama. I mean really whose child does that? So thank you to the lovely employees at Babies R Us, and I did manage to order the toddler rails (and we bought the potty seat, hopefully she will use it one day).

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Celebrate Freedom

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

One of the blogs I read does this weekly, and this week's theme is Celebrate Freedom.

We spent the 4th at the lake house and the girls had a blast celebrating our freedom. The girls enjoyed swimming and playing outside in the big yard that we don't have at home.

Sophie and daddy enjoying a walk through the woods.

Lily eating cake, her favorite. It was blueberry cobbler.

Soph sliding.

Lily loves to swing. A few months ago, and sometimes still, she calls it wee. "Mama, wee"

My week via Instagram

So Instagram is a nifty app that let's you share pictures. I love it and use it often. So this was our week:

(Lily loves ketchup. She eats it by itself dipping her fingers in and licking it off)

We're at the lake this weekend so I took a million pics.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Not sure we'll be invited back

We spent the fourth with my in-laws at their lake house. By the time we left I think they needed a week long vacation. They love the Girlies and would do anything for them and are amazing with them. The girls love Grammy and Poppy but wow were the girls a handful.

Sophie had a sinus infection, fever and was cutting a molar, and well we love Lily but she is a bit dramatic and wasn't feeling well either. We were super cranky, like world war three toddler cranky. We've also been very attached to momma. So much so that there have been times I wanted to lock myself in the bathroom and not come out.

Luckily they are feeling better and now I have to fix the bad habits we created during the last week: you know too much tv watching and eating whatever I could get into them and messed up naps.

At least they're cute:

Lily throwing poppers

Sophie and J

First fireworks- fountains but the girls liked them. Yes they watched in their carseats and yes Lily asked to be buckled.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Favorite New Obession

I am addicted to many things- food, baby kisses, my iTouch (because I can't talk J into an iPhone...yet), email, and so on.

This is my new favorite though. After I tuck the girls in, we sit down and catch up on some favorite shows and I log into Pinterest, because I totally can't just sit and watch TV.

Can I tell you how much awesome stuff I have found? I've redecorated a wall in my house, made a wreath and started a rug. I've found awesome new blogs to follow, tried new food and become very addicted to fabric thanks to pinning.

Interested? Seriously you have to check it out. I personally think my boards rock, but I've found tons of good stuff everywhere. Be careful though it will make you want to spend lots of money but it is an awesome way to save all the stuff you find.

Monday, July 4, 2011

McFatty Monday

So one of my favorite blogs is written by Blair. Am I allowed to say that I totally love her and I want her to be my bff. When she repins my stuff on Pinterest I totally get excited because she must totally think I'm cool. I have lots of bloggers that I worship from afar but Blair was on thebump with me and she has a son that is really close in age to my kids and we've been through alot of the same things and she would totally get me if she knew me. Any way enough worship. She does this McFatty Monday so I am joining in because I really need to lose some weight.

Long story umm long:
Since Middle School I've battled my weight. My family has this lovely ritual where all of us gain weight right before you transition into "womanhood" (lovely isn't it). So I did that and the teasing began.
I started playing soccer all day every day and was itty bitty.
My family moved and I refused to eat ever again because I was so depressed and miserable and I would punish the world by starving myself (oh to be 17 again). So I remained itty bitty.
Enter J. Happiness returns as does the weight- slowly.
College 15 or um 20.
Grandma died and all I wanted to do was eat, plus wedding planning, job hunting, college graduation=heaviest I had ever been.
Drop 40 using a messed up version of South Beach for my wedding= thinnest adult weight (155).
Happy marriage, surprise spontaneous twins and antidepressants= THE heaviest I have ever been and ever wish to be.

So I'm hoping to lose weight, a lot of it. So my first goal is 10lbs. Why because that is how much I've gained being on Weight Watchers. I totally love Weight Watchers and it is the only thing that has ever really worked for me. There is a reason that I've gained that weight that is long and all my fault. So I will now lose it.

Friday, July 1, 2011


You know those arguments you have with your significant other? The ones that go:
Don't forget we have to go to...
What? You never told me that.
I did, last Friday.
No you never told me.

And so on. Yeah j and I have lots of those. Usually I'm right, I totally did tell him and he just doesn't remember, but lately we started delving back into the past and rehashing the girls delivery. Dude they must have given me some good stuff or I was too worried about shaking out of my skin after the drugs they gave me to slow down my labor ( I made it to 8 cm in an hour people!) let me tell you terbetulin sucks.

So one conversation brought during a discussion with a friend, the placenta. Evidently I every enthusiastically donated it to science. I didn't/don't care what happened to it but I have no recollection of this happening. J says I gave a whole speech about giving back because I had gotten so much. What!

So now I can only think- crap what else did I forget about? Guess that is why there are two of us. So we can remember moments like this: