Monday, July 4, 2011

McFatty Monday

So one of my favorite blogs is written by Blair. Am I allowed to say that I totally love her and I want her to be my bff. When she repins my stuff on Pinterest I totally get excited because she must totally think I'm cool. I have lots of bloggers that I worship from afar but Blair was on thebump with me and she has a son that is really close in age to my kids and we've been through alot of the same things and she would totally get me if she knew me. Any way enough worship. She does this McFatty Monday so I am joining in because I really need to lose some weight.

Long story umm long:
Since Middle School I've battled my weight. My family has this lovely ritual where all of us gain weight right before you transition into "womanhood" (lovely isn't it). So I did that and the teasing began.
I started playing soccer all day every day and was itty bitty.
My family moved and I refused to eat ever again because I was so depressed and miserable and I would punish the world by starving myself (oh to be 17 again). So I remained itty bitty.
Enter J. Happiness returns as does the weight- slowly.
College 15 or um 20.
Grandma died and all I wanted to do was eat, plus wedding planning, job hunting, college graduation=heaviest I had ever been.
Drop 40 using a messed up version of South Beach for my wedding= thinnest adult weight (155).
Happy marriage, surprise spontaneous twins and antidepressants= THE heaviest I have ever been and ever wish to be.

So I'm hoping to lose weight, a lot of it. So my first goal is 10lbs. Why because that is how much I've gained being on Weight Watchers. I totally love Weight Watchers and it is the only thing that has ever really worked for me. There is a reason that I've gained that weight that is long and all my fault. So I will now lose it.

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