Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Favorite New Obession

I am addicted to many things- food, baby kisses, my iTouch (because I can't talk J into an iPhone...yet), email, and so on.

This is my new favorite though. After I tuck the girls in, we sit down and catch up on some favorite shows and I log into Pinterest, because I totally can't just sit and watch TV.

Can I tell you how much awesome stuff I have found? I've redecorated a wall in my house, made a wreath and started a rug. I've found awesome new blogs to follow, tried new food and become very addicted to fabric thanks to pinning.

Interested? Seriously you have to check it out. I personally think my boards rock, but I've found tons of good stuff everywhere. Be careful though it will make you want to spend lots of money but it is an awesome way to save all the stuff you find.

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