Friday, July 8, 2011

Not sure we'll be invited back

We spent the fourth with my in-laws at their lake house. By the time we left I think they needed a week long vacation. They love the Girlies and would do anything for them and are amazing with them. The girls love Grammy and Poppy but wow were the girls a handful.

Sophie had a sinus infection, fever and was cutting a molar, and well we love Lily but she is a bit dramatic and wasn't feeling well either. We were super cranky, like world war three toddler cranky. We've also been very attached to momma. So much so that there have been times I wanted to lock myself in the bathroom and not come out.

Luckily they are feeling better and now I have to fix the bad habits we created during the last week: you know too much tv watching and eating whatever I could get into them and messed up naps.

At least they're cute:

Lily throwing poppers

Sophie and J

First fireworks- fountains but the girls liked them. Yes they watched in their carseats and yes Lily asked to be buckled.

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