Friday, October 19, 2012

7 weeks

How far along? 7w5d

Total weight gain/loss: 0
How big is baby? blueberry
Maternity clothes? no, I did try on some of my jeans today and they are too big so I had to do the hair tie around the button trick

Stretch marks? nope

Sleep: I had a really hard time last night, not sure why I guess I couldn't get comfortable
Best moment this week: nothing really exciting this week
Movement: nope, I keep having little phantom flutters but baby is too tiny
Cravings: sweet frog frozen yougart
Aversions: Not really
Gender: been calling it he this week
Labor Signs: no
Pregnancy Symptoms: tired! and sick, headache
Belly Button in or out? in
What I miss: nothing yet, I keep forgetting I'm pregnant
What I am looking forward to: Nov. 13, next appointment
Upcoming appointments: Nov. 13

Weekly Wisdom: I forgot how blah pregnancy was
Milestones: freaking out about having 3 kids, don't know about taking care of an infant and 2 3 year olds.  I'll never sleep again!

6 Weeks

Pregnancy Questionnaire #2:

How far along? 6w3d
Total weight gain/loss: 0
How big is baby? blueberry
Maternity clothes? no (but ordered a bunch of winter things)
Stretch marks? only left over ones from the girls
Sleep: normal but still exhausted, I've been going to bed early
Best moment this week: first ultrasound and saw just one baby with a little heartbeat!  111hb
Movement: me lots, baby none.  My leg has started to go numb when I stand to long
Cravings: baked potato
Aversions: Not really, but everything is very smelly- not really interested in sweets
Gender: I'm feeling girl but we have no idea
Labor Signs: no
Pregnancy Symptoms: tired!  Numbness in leg and fingers
Belly Button in or out? in, it will probably stay that way it didn't even pop when I was pregnant with the girls
What I miss: nothing yet, I keep forgetting I'm pregnant
What I am looking forward to: not feeling just fat
Upcoming appointments: Nov. 13
Weekly Wisdom: sleep is a good thing
Milestones: One baby!  That little heart beat flutter

Big Steps

In preparation of the girls starting preschool this fall I decided it was time to make sure they got some milestones checked off their lists.  Namely this meant potty training and good bye pacis. 

We had basically been potty training off and on, kinda, since they turned two.  They would run around with barely anything on and I would argue with them about going on the potty.  Finally in August I decided we needed to just do it.  No more pull ups or diapers except to bed.  It worked, they used the potty.  We practiced pulling our pants up and down and wiping and we did it.  Going to preschool has really helped finalize this.  We still have occasional accidents when we are busy playing but no accidents at preschool!  In the car the other day Sophie yelled out, "I have to go to the bathroom!"  "Can you hold it?"  "Um maybe."  Usually she says I have to go and then goes.  So I pulled over at the next place that showed up- 7-11.  They only had an employee bathroom, but maybe because I looked so frantic and pathetic holding on to two little people's hands they let me take her in the bathroom.  So we decided to spend some money in thanks.  I was going to just buy a water, yeah we ended up with cheetos and oreos too.  But she made it!  Potty training has its downside but I like them being out of diapers it really does make it easier.

The paci thing I might regret though.  We had to take Sophie to the doctor for a rash around her face and the doctor said get rid of them.  She and I made a big deal about how the girls were too big and we needed to send our pacis to the babies that came to the dr.  So I went home and they helped pack up their pacis in a pretty bag and we set it by their bed so the paci fairy could come and take the pacis to the doctor.  Well the paci fairy left a lovely surprise and the pacis disappeared.  It took Lily a day and she was over it, it took Soph a week or so and we have forgotten about them.  In the mean time though they are awful sleepers now.  They wake up at least once a night each.  Which means mommy is up twice a night.  I might be ready to give the pacis back.  It has gotten a little better in the last few days though, but Lily insists on us leaving the light on now.

bye bye paci

Hello no sleep

Friday, October 12, 2012

Summer photo dump

We had a good summer and while it's been over for a few months now I didn't post anything about it so here are a few pictures.
My favorite picture, riding in wagon in Ocean Grove, NJ

Point Pleasant, NJ

Geocaching with PopPop

Cruising on Lake Anna

Dress up, favorite activity

The Princess

Loving on Aunt Em

Pirate and the Princess

Fourth of July poppers with Poppy

Our favorite place- Target

Petting Goats at Cox Farms

Not happy about the horse we ended up with

Playing in the hose

Joey ran away at the beginning of the summer, but thank God he showed up again exactly one week later.  We really missed him.

Not sure about smores

More Point Pleasant (we loved all the little kid rides.)  Poor Lily wasn't tall enough for some of them.

Corner Bakery with Nana

Ocean Grove fishing pier

the park!

Shopping Break

Fall table runner for a swap

sampler quilt

We loved swimming at the lake because we could stand!

Sophie decided PopPop's ice cream was hers.

using our "gobbles" with mommy

First train ride

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

And We're 3

My bitty babies have turned three!  Can't believe it.  They aren't babies any more.  They have these long legs they are both 36 inches and 29 pounds.  It is amazing how time flies.

Sophie Anne-
That's how you introduce yourself.  You love to play with all the kids and want everyone to be your friend.  You are quick to trust people and quickly get your little heart broken if they don't want to play with you right that second.  You are sweet and loving, you love to chase and squeeze the cats (much to their dismay), you adore all dogs, you are my pirate.  You are adventurous about some things- climbing, playing with other kids, talking to adults, but other things make you nervous- swimming, going to new places.
You love dinosaurs and dragons and pirates.  Your favorite shirt is your red dragon shirt and you like to wear pants (according to you).  You love to bounce and dance, and you like superheros.  Your favorite color is blue.  You love going to school and playing with the other kids but you get frustrated easily and have a quick temper.  When you get mad you act out physically which gets you in lots of trouble.  You are a tough kid.  You love to repeat things that mommy and daddy say and the funniest things come out of your little mouth.  I think one day you could be a teacher, or an engineer.  You are very good at spacial relations and numbers but you are also very loving.

Princess Lily-
You are amazing.  You are so smart and know exactly what you want.  Raising you is a challenge, fun, but hard.  You are very stubborn and so smart, mommy and daddy can't trick you.  You are a snuggle bug and a mommy's girl.  You are also a girly girl, you love to dress up and hate to cover up your pretty outfits with a coat.  I don't know what we are going to do when the weather gets really cold!  You love to be the center of attention.  You sing and dance and love to read.  You make up your own stories and songs.  You are our rule enforcer but also an instigator.  For a while you would fight with Soph and pinch her, knowing she wouldn't cry, then she would retaliate and you would sob so Sophie would get in trouble.  Mommy caught on to that fast.  You love the color pink and Disney princesses.  Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are your favorite.  You love to play in the kitchen at preschool and you play dress up at home.  You are very good at playing independently and love to sit and read books to yourself.  You are a very special girl.

We love you both so much!