Friday, October 12, 2012

Summer photo dump

We had a good summer and while it's been over for a few months now I didn't post anything about it so here are a few pictures.
My favorite picture, riding in wagon in Ocean Grove, NJ

Point Pleasant, NJ

Geocaching with PopPop

Cruising on Lake Anna

Dress up, favorite activity

The Princess

Loving on Aunt Em

Pirate and the Princess

Fourth of July poppers with Poppy

Our favorite place- Target

Petting Goats at Cox Farms

Not happy about the horse we ended up with

Playing in the hose

Joey ran away at the beginning of the summer, but thank God he showed up again exactly one week later.  We really missed him.

Not sure about smores

More Point Pleasant (we loved all the little kid rides.)  Poor Lily wasn't tall enough for some of them.

Corner Bakery with Nana

Ocean Grove fishing pier

the park!

Shopping Break

Fall table runner for a swap

sampler quilt

We loved swimming at the lake because we could stand!

Sophie decided PopPop's ice cream was hers.

using our "gobbles" with mommy

First train ride

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