Friday, January 29, 2010


We have been feeding the girls rice cereal for the last few weeks. Last week we decided it was time for the girls to try something new and we though bananas would be a good low allergy next step.

They enjoyed the banana that I pureed at home for them. So the next day I fed them some Gerber's bananas.

And this happened:
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S got a contact rash from something in the bananas. We think perhaps the citric acid.

I went back to rice cereal for a few more days, and yesterday they got more bananas that I pureed for them. S was fine, although she does not like them. I think I will try again today and if S still doesn't like it I will give her rice cereal again on Sat. and then move on to sweet potatoes. I think I'll make their food for a while more.

Day Care

I wrote up a whole post about this yesterday and for some reason Blogger decided it didn't want me to talk about day care and it deleted the whole thing. I'm trying again today.

Ok so I'm a working mom and I have working mommy guilt. I don't like being a working mom and I am in aww of all women that have managed to live this life for years. It is a hard job. I wake up at 5 am to get myself ready. Wake the girls at 6 to feed them and get them ready. Then a family member had been coming over to take care of the girls. I go to work at 7 and get home at 3 and start my mommy job. I play with the girls, make dinner, clean up and get everything ready for the next day. It is all nonstop and I feel like I don't get enough time with the girls.

Well today my babies started day care. My school district is letting us work from home, and luckily I finished all my work so I am at home alone. It is a very weird feeling to be here by myself. That hasn't happened in what 20 weeks. I don't think I like it. Although I have caught up on tv shows.

J and I dropped the girls off this morning for a short day at day care, so that we could figure out this new routine and let the girls meet their new teachers, etc. I get to pick them up at noon and I am counting down the minutes. The school is very nice and the teachers are wonderful, but I miss my babies and I worry about them when they are away from me. I guess I will get used to leaving them, but today I cried all the way home.

Only one more hour.

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Here is our picture of the day. My little girls after eating.

Joined Top Mommy Blogs

I just joined Top Mommy Blogs. I figured maybe I could generate a little more interest in my blog.

Here is the site:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

One Year Ago

A year ago, as of Jan. 17, J and I found out we were expecting a baby (little did we know there was also a tiny surprise baby B hiding in there). I only know the day because we found out the Sat. before Obama's inaguration.

I woke up early that Sat. and tested. I remember "taking" the test and looking at it right after thinking "damn there is no way I am" because the one pink line started to show really clearly. So I set it down and went, disappointed to make my breakfast. I went back in to look at the test and there they were two little pink lines. I had to do a double take. I was so excited, but I set it down and went to watch the news and eat. I didn't want to wake J, I have no idea why. I thought about coming up with a neat way to tell him, but I stink at keeping secrets.

I waited about an hour and then when I thought I would explode I went in and woke J up. Before he was even awake I blurted out "We're having a baby!" He was like what (he has a very hard time waking up). He teased me later that I should have let him wake up a little more before I told him. We were both excited!

Again neither J or I can keep a secret so we told our parents on Monday. We bought congratulations cards and gave the cards to the grandmas. Everyone was shocked and thrilled because we hadn't told anyone that we were trying. It was so much, almost as much fun as telling everyone we were having two babies!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More POTD catch up

I've been taking pictures (for the most part) but I really stink at posting them every day. So I might start doing my POTD for this week all in one post. Any way here are a bunch to kind of catch me up. I didn't upload my pics from yesterday and haven't taken one today.

Jan. 13
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This is the girls' 4 month "birthday" pic. I can't believe how big they have gotten. They are such people now. They always have been but now they really interact with you and smile and laugh. It's been fun watching them grow.

Jan. 14
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I put one of the girls' high chairs together all by myself, hence the picture of my accomplishment! I had to use real screws and stuff, it was hardcore. All in preperation of starting solids the next day!

Jan. 15
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S thinks rice cereal isn't worth the trouble. No thanks Dad.

Jan. 16
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L thinks solids are the best thing ever! She yells at me when I stop feeding her to feed her sister. She has also discovered that she can blow raspberries and spray food all over her, her sister and me.

Jan. 17
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S getting a little better at eating but not so much at sitting up in her chair.

Jan. 18
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This is L's new favorite face. She loves sucking on her bottom lip.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

4 months

It's been a long long weekend full of J and I trying to catch up on things around the house. This includes fixing all kinds of plumbing problems in a 30 year old house, cleaning carpets that our stressed out cats have decided to use as a litter box, and trying to comfort two sick girls.

The girls have very runny noses but the doctor said that it seems to be only that- runny noses. They went for their 4 month well visit on the 14th and are both growing so much! They are in the mid range for percentiles (S is on the tall side). L did much better with her shots and we got to start solids. I have lots of Photo of the days to post and a few food videos/photos.

I start my next graduate course tomorrow so I'm not sure when I will actually get things up though. Hopefully soon!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Photo of the Day catch up

Things have been a bit crazy at work which means I'm exhausted when I get home and don't post anything. So here are my Photos of the Day for the last few days.

Jan. 8
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S and her lovie, Billy.

Jan. 9
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This is how the girls sleep now (except L has her eyes closed, she caught me taking the picture). They snuggle up together with their heads touching. The only problem is they usually end up waking each other because they bonk heads. It is cute though!

Jan. 10
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L snuggles with Dad while he plays Madden.

Jan. 11
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The girls have gotten really good at holding hands.

Jan. 12
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Gotta love the baldy spots!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Ok I titled this one straight up so if you don't care to know stop reading!

Evidently breastfeeding isn't as simple as sticking a baby on your boob. I learned the hard way that it is a fine art of negotiation and teaching. I've also learned that breastfeeding is something that becomes all consuming. I've experienced enough about breastfeeding that I feel like the expert. We've done it all with our girls.

According to the nurses at the hospital when I delivered I had a moderately traumatizing c-section experience that almost lead to a blood transfusion. This trauma can cause problems with milk supply. So between that and some anatomy issues and sleepy stubborn girls the breastfeeding didn't go so well for us.

I spent a whole day clumsily trying to get it to work alone, the next day with two lactation consultants (one for each girl) who came every time the girls ate. Nothing worked and I felt like a big failure whose children would starve to death because I couldn't feed them. So we gave them formula and the lactation consultant brought in the pump. Oh what cruel torture we go through for our children.

There is nothing like sticking funnels on and having your nipples squeezed. But I pumped away for three weeks until we could see a lactation consultant. Seriously in my next life this will be my profession. These women are freaking awesome. They are the reason that I continue to breast feed my children.

Any way at 3 weeks we went to the lactation consultant. By this point I had worn myself out pumping every 3 hours and then feeding the girls. I was tired of cleaning bottles. So our LC taught me how to breastfeed. By 3 weeks the girls were more awake and a bit more coordinated and the pump had helped me fix some of my issues. The natural part of breastfeeding started to kick in for us.

Did breastfeeding make our routine any easier: no. It is something I enjoy sharing with my girls. I love watching them and having them close to me. It is also funny what I have learned about their personalities from breastfeeding. L likes to be wide awake and she focuses on eating. She is my perfectionist. S takes her time and closes her eyes. She is my laid back baby.

In case you were wondering how breastfeeding works with twins:
We weigh the girls before and after they eat. L wasn't eating enough at first and J and I worry so we weigh them to make sure they eat enough. Yes we are OCD. After we weight them I get my EZ nurse twin pillow and both girls eat together in the football hold. I do tandem feed them or we would never get anything done. The girls are then supplemented with formula or whatever I pump while at work or in the morning and at night (the two times I pump after I feed them).

Life with twins is a circus!

Photo of the Day

Jan. 7
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Joey looking for attention.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pic of the day

Jan. 6
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Miss L in her exersaucer. She was a bit startled by the flash.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Photo of the Day

A bunch of multiple moms are doing photos of the day and I decided to participate. Here are my first few (Jan. 2-5, since I don't have one for Jan. 1)

Jan. 2
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S and I having a PJ day in bed.

Jan. 3
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Some of our friends from college came to visit and enjoyed some play mat time with S.

Jan. 4
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My first day back at work and I forgot the plug to my pump and the battery on my computer has died so I can only use it plugged in. I was feeling a bit tied down to electrical outlets today.

Jan. 5
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L doing what I would like to. S has a cold and has kept both of us up the last few nights.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Insanity of Multiples

With the holidays and family visiting the blog has been a bit neglected. I do have a year in review post that I started and I'm hoping I'll be able to finish while it is still relevant.

Christmas Eve we spent with my in laws. It is nice having both families so close because we can see everybody over the holidays. There was lots to eat and lots of presents to open. The girls slept through their first round of opening presents, all that adoration is exhausting!

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Christmas was spent with my family. We ate more food and opened more presents. L slept through the festivities but S hates to miss out on anything and spent time circulating the room helping everyone open their presents.

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making growl faces with Aunt E
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The girls were spoiled and got lots of fun new toys and outfits. Their big present from Santa was an exersaucer. S is already having a good time with it since she is better at sitting up relatively unassisted. She doesn't spend a lot of time in it, mostly a few minutes here and there when I think it would be fun. They got a stroller (it was my present too!) from Grandma and Grandpa, and high chairs, a bunch of small toys and outfits in 6m from Nana and PopPop. They got outfits from their uncle and aunt and toys from their other aunt. It was all very exciting and exhausting.

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On the 27th the girls were baptized. My husband's whole family came, even 2 relatives from California, plus one of my aunts and her family and my grandmother. It was quiet the circus but lots of fun to see everyone. We were glad so many people could make it to see the girls. It was a big production getting two babies dressed in their gowns and undressed and baptized and then hauling all their "stuff" from location to location. I guess that is all part of the joy of having two infants.

our family
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L being baptized
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S being baptized (she cried through the whole ceremony)
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L in the lace dress my aunt hand knit (they were beautiful)
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S in dress
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