Friday, January 29, 2010


We have been feeding the girls rice cereal for the last few weeks. Last week we decided it was time for the girls to try something new and we though bananas would be a good low allergy next step.

They enjoyed the banana that I pureed at home for them. So the next day I fed them some Gerber's bananas.

And this happened:
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S got a contact rash from something in the bananas. We think perhaps the citric acid.

I went back to rice cereal for a few more days, and yesterday they got more bananas that I pureed for them. S was fine, although she does not like them. I think I will try again today and if S still doesn't like it I will give her rice cereal again on Sat. and then move on to sweet potatoes. I think I'll make their food for a while more.

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