Friday, January 29, 2010

Day Care

I wrote up a whole post about this yesterday and for some reason Blogger decided it didn't want me to talk about day care and it deleted the whole thing. I'm trying again today.

Ok so I'm a working mom and I have working mommy guilt. I don't like being a working mom and I am in aww of all women that have managed to live this life for years. It is a hard job. I wake up at 5 am to get myself ready. Wake the girls at 6 to feed them and get them ready. Then a family member had been coming over to take care of the girls. I go to work at 7 and get home at 3 and start my mommy job. I play with the girls, make dinner, clean up and get everything ready for the next day. It is all nonstop and I feel like I don't get enough time with the girls.

Well today my babies started day care. My school district is letting us work from home, and luckily I finished all my work so I am at home alone. It is a very weird feeling to be here by myself. That hasn't happened in what 20 weeks. I don't think I like it. Although I have caught up on tv shows.

J and I dropped the girls off this morning for a short day at day care, so that we could figure out this new routine and let the girls meet their new teachers, etc. I get to pick them up at noon and I am counting down the minutes. The school is very nice and the teachers are wonderful, but I miss my babies and I worry about them when they are away from me. I guess I will get used to leaving them, but today I cried all the way home.

Only one more hour.

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Here is our picture of the day. My little girls after eating.


  1. oh poor thing...i promise it gets better...never a wonderful feeling but it does eventually get easier.

  2. Thanks! It has started to get a little easier, but your right it still does stink!