Thursday, January 21, 2010

One Year Ago

A year ago, as of Jan. 17, J and I found out we were expecting a baby (little did we know there was also a tiny surprise baby B hiding in there). I only know the day because we found out the Sat. before Obama's inaguration.

I woke up early that Sat. and tested. I remember "taking" the test and looking at it right after thinking "damn there is no way I am" because the one pink line started to show really clearly. So I set it down and went, disappointed to make my breakfast. I went back in to look at the test and there they were two little pink lines. I had to do a double take. I was so excited, but I set it down and went to watch the news and eat. I didn't want to wake J, I have no idea why. I thought about coming up with a neat way to tell him, but I stink at keeping secrets.

I waited about an hour and then when I thought I would explode I went in and woke J up. Before he was even awake I blurted out "We're having a baby!" He was like what (he has a very hard time waking up). He teased me later that I should have let him wake up a little more before I told him. We were both excited!

Again neither J or I can keep a secret so we told our parents on Monday. We bought congratulations cards and gave the cards to the grandmas. Everyone was shocked and thrilled because we hadn't told anyone that we were trying. It was so much, almost as much fun as telling everyone we were having two babies!

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