Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day Care= Sad Mommy

Taking my kids to day care sucks. Today was the first real full day that they were there. It was awful. J dropped them off since I was running late. I'm always running late. I'm not sure why. I think I try to get too much done before I make it out the door. "There's time to put these in the dish washer." "I can start another load of laundry." I think I have a problem.

Any way, it sucked watching them pull away with their dad and not kissing them 1 (or 5) more times before I left. I guess there is just something about leaving your children with strangers that is very upsetting, go figure. I'm hoping that I will be ok after a few weeks, even though I know I won't be. Hope springs eternal.

Don't get me wrong I like the day care place. The ladies are very nice, it is clean, they have been fed and changed and played with. The ladies like my girls, I mean really who wouldn't. They are freaking adorable. I just miss my babies when they aren't with me. I miss them so much I hurt. I also worry constantly. Are they still breathing (umm mostly likely or I would get a call)? Do they miss me (probably not)? Did they eat (the ladies are going to let them starve, L wouldn't allow that)? and so on and so forth. We will all survive, just with a few emotional scares for mama.

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