Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Favorite Thing

Last week I got the whole week off from work because of our recent blizzard. I strongly believe snow is not to be taken lightly because I grew up in Texas. I have never seen so much snow in my entire life!

But with the whole week off I got to spend lots of time with my girls. We had a blast! Except for the fact that they were sick the whole time with RSV. S had an awful runny nose and cough so we took her to the dr. on Feb. 3. I'm so glad we did because I would have spent the next week snowed in freaking out. S held on to the cough and congestion until Feb. 13 and L got sick around Feb. 6. She required a call to the dr. before our second wave of snow hit. L would get these coughing fits that would upset her. She would cry and cough and then couldn't coordinate her breathing which meant she stopped breathing until I could calm her down and pat her on the back to get her settled. Not breathing = terrifying for mom and dad. The dr. on the other hand said it was totally normal. Umm not breathing isn't really normal for me, but the dr. talked me down from the edge and we did not end up in the ER during a blizzard. Which was a big win for us because I really don't want to know what an ER is like in a blizzard.

So back to my favorite thing. Since we were on "vacation" last week we all got to sleep in...until 7am! Usually one of the girls would wake up first so I would bring her into bed and snuggle with her and then we would get up and make coffee and play for a little while until I went in and woke the other girl. It was so nice to be able to spend time with each of the girls alone. I love doing this. I think they do too, but I know they will as they get older. It was fun to play and talk and read to just one baby and focus only on them. I love both my girls and can't imagine life without two of them but it is special to share time with each alone.

So we survived the blizzards of 2010 and enjoyed some time as a family. It was nice to slow things down and spend the day in our PJs!

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