Wednesday, October 10, 2012

And We're 3

My bitty babies have turned three!  Can't believe it.  They aren't babies any more.  They have these long legs they are both 36 inches and 29 pounds.  It is amazing how time flies.

Sophie Anne-
That's how you introduce yourself.  You love to play with all the kids and want everyone to be your friend.  You are quick to trust people and quickly get your little heart broken if they don't want to play with you right that second.  You are sweet and loving, you love to chase and squeeze the cats (much to their dismay), you adore all dogs, you are my pirate.  You are adventurous about some things- climbing, playing with other kids, talking to adults, but other things make you nervous- swimming, going to new places.
You love dinosaurs and dragons and pirates.  Your favorite shirt is your red dragon shirt and you like to wear pants (according to you).  You love to bounce and dance, and you like superheros.  Your favorite color is blue.  You love going to school and playing with the other kids but you get frustrated easily and have a quick temper.  When you get mad you act out physically which gets you in lots of trouble.  You are a tough kid.  You love to repeat things that mommy and daddy say and the funniest things come out of your little mouth.  I think one day you could be a teacher, or an engineer.  You are very good at spacial relations and numbers but you are also very loving.

Princess Lily-
You are amazing.  You are so smart and know exactly what you want.  Raising you is a challenge, fun, but hard.  You are very stubborn and so smart, mommy and daddy can't trick you.  You are a snuggle bug and a mommy's girl.  You are also a girly girl, you love to dress up and hate to cover up your pretty outfits with a coat.  I don't know what we are going to do when the weather gets really cold!  You love to be the center of attention.  You sing and dance and love to read.  You make up your own stories and songs.  You are our rule enforcer but also an instigator.  For a while you would fight with Soph and pinch her, knowing she wouldn't cry, then she would retaliate and you would sob so Sophie would get in trouble.  Mommy caught on to that fast.  You love the color pink and Disney princesses.  Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are your favorite.  You love to play in the kitchen at preschool and you play dress up at home.  You are very good at playing independently and love to sit and read books to yourself.  You are a very special girl.

We love you both so much!

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