Friday, July 1, 2011


You know those arguments you have with your significant other? The ones that go:
Don't forget we have to go to...
What? You never told me that.
I did, last Friday.
No you never told me.

And so on. Yeah j and I have lots of those. Usually I'm right, I totally did tell him and he just doesn't remember, but lately we started delving back into the past and rehashing the girls delivery. Dude they must have given me some good stuff or I was too worried about shaking out of my skin after the drugs they gave me to slow down my labor ( I made it to 8 cm in an hour people!) let me tell you terbetulin sucks.

So one conversation brought during a discussion with a friend, the placenta. Evidently I every enthusiastically donated it to science. I didn't/don't care what happened to it but I have no recollection of this happening. J says I gave a whole speech about giving back because I had gotten so much. What!

So now I can only think- crap what else did I forget about? Guess that is why there are two of us. So we can remember moments like this:

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