Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Girls Update

So I think the last time I posted Lily was learning to walk. Well we have successfully achieved that! Both girls are amazing! They are sweet to each other (sometimes) and love to give hugs and kisses to each other and to mom and dad and anyone else who wants them.

Sophie (baby A):

Soph is the more dominant twin. She is very physical. She loves to climb and can already jump picking both feet up off the ground. She loves to dance. She is busy and can be quick to anger but is also easy to redirect and distract. She loves to sing and we love Dora. She likes to sing and will sing along with you. She is becoming more chatty and has quiet a few words. She loves to say "I stuck" because she is often. She has a wonderful belly laugh and thinks so much is funny. She loves to give cuddles and loves Daddy, PopPop and Pappy. She loves balls and is my little hoarder. She will grab all kinds of toys and try to take them all over with her. She is very social and enjoys trying to play with older kids.

Lily (baby B):

Lily is my little peanut. She is a few inches shorter then her sister and is still in a size 12 months (sometimes 18). She is very verbal. The child has a full vocabulary at 18 months. It is a little scary. She said to me yesterday "Mama Sophie wants bubbles too." She does not always use full sentences and does sometimes still fill in with jibber jabber, but she is amazing. She is a copy cat and Daddy got in trouble for saying damn it when Lil repeated it perfectly. Her favorite word is cute, everything is cute. She likes to tattle already. She will come up to you and say "mama Sophie..." and tell us something naughty Sophie did. She calls Sophie Soapy and Sophie calls her YeYe. She calls bushes butches, and so many other little cute things. She likes to sing too and she will repeat the last word you sing. She likes to say the end of her prayers. I say God Bless and she fills in the names of our family and then says amen. We love to categorize, naming everyone in the family and the neighbors' family and all her aunts and uncles and grandparents. She names people on shows. We know everyone in Dora and in Fresh Beat Band and Umi Zoomi. She counts to 12, on her own, and I caught her counting the stairs in Spanish today (not as accurately as her English).

Both girls love to sing Ittsy Bittsy spider, Old MacDonald (but only with a cow), row row, twinkle twinkle and Bingo. They are good at body parts and animal noises. We are working on colors.

They are so much fun but also insanely challenging. They love to fight over silly toys and to pick on each other. But they also love each other and still love to cuddle. They are smart and funny but LOVE to throw tantrums. I think this is my favorite age but I've said that about all the ages!

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