Friday, July 15, 2011

Lily vs the Potty Seat

So a funny thing happened at Babies R' Us. That's totally how all good mommy stories start right. Anyway I decided to go to BRU so I could buy the toddler bed attachment for our convertable cribs. I'm not ready to put the girls in toddler beds but our neighbors 21 month old son just started climbing out of his crib and it takes 10-12 weeks for the special order side rails to come in the mail. So I decided to order them early and be ready for when the girls start climbing out, since Sophie already climbs out of the pack and play.

Any way, we're at BRU and I'm shopping with the girls in the cart buying pacifiers and sippy cups. I stopped and picked up two potty chairs since I had a $3 coupon and you know be prepared even though we aren't ready to start potty training either. The girls are bickering in the cart and getting impatient. I head to the crib section and Lily is playing with the potty seat. As I pull up to the counter she is wearing the seat on her head like a hat and making Sophie giggle. I don't pay much attention because at least they are behaving. I start talking to the salesman and next thing I know Lily has the potty seat around her neck.

Lily begins to cry saying "I stuck." The sales guy watches as I try to squeeze her out and begin to realize nope she is really stuck. I am in Babies R Us with a screaming child with a potty seat stuck on her head. What am I going to do? The guy gets a manager and I calm Lily down. Any way the manager gets baby oil and we manage to squeeze her out. It was rather traumatizing for Lily and very funny and embarassing for mama. I mean really whose child does that? So thank you to the lovely employees at Babies R Us, and I did manage to order the toddler rails (and we bought the potty seat, hopefully she will use it one day).

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