Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New hobby

I've started something new in my "spare" time.  Well I guess it really isn't new because I've been doing it for a year but I've just fully embraced it!  I've started quilting.

My mom quilts and she was a member of a quilting group/bee when we lived in Richmond, VA.  I remember her quilting and I know she enjoys doing it.  She is a hand quilter and uses her machine to piece the squares.  Well some of my mothers of multiples friends were starting a bee last year and I decided to join in.  I finished that quilt, my first, in January (of this year).  I waited for some of the blocks and then I was going to hand quilt it and didn't like doing that so when I got my sewing machine for Christmas (I was using my mom's Bernina, which meant I could only sew at her house) I decided to start machine quilting.

I love it!  I finished my first quilt and then joined a class online and finished quilt number two.  I have an insane number of projects, but I love it.  I love the fabric and deciding on colors and designs and quilting designs and everything :-)  My favorite part though is putting on the binding, which most people don't like to do, but I love spreading the quilt out and feeling the little bumps from the quilting and hand stitching on that very last finishing touch.

So here is quilt number two: Cascade

meandering box stitch

The Front

The back

So what I'm working on now:
Binding stage-
Modern Mini Challenge quilt

Quilting stage-
Lily's pinwheel

Asterisk blocks
Granny Square
Paint Box kinda

Sophie's star quilt using Sarah Jane's Children at Play
Swoon using Urban Chiks' Urban Cowgirl

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