Friday, March 23, 2012

Not Sure Whether to Laugh or Cry

Having toddelers is a bit of an emotional roller coaster.  One second you're yelling at them to share and then you're fixing boo boos and giving out snuggles.  Both girls are very into using their immagination and they love to pretend things they see mommy and daddy doing.  They are also little parrotts. 

Lily has gotten a bit bossy and has lots of interesting ideas about what to play.

She loves to tattle and tell people when they need a time out (mimicking mama).  A few little stories:
She is playing dress up with my sister and they come and show me.  Em stays with me and Lily disappears to come back and tell Em that she can't find her earring.  She says "I need my earring so I can go teach the kids."  (that's what I tell her I do when I go to work, teach the kids)

The other day she was explaining to our neighbor that she need to climb up on his roof to get the crown off the chimney (no idea).  She gives him a long explanation and he tries to tell her she can't go on the roof because it is dangerous.  She pauses and looks at him with one hand on her hip and she throws one hand up and says "so what's the problem?"

She farted the other day, and our nanny told her to say excuse me.  Lily told her "why, my butt burped."

Sophie isn't as bossy but she has her own little quirks.  She is my rough and tough girl.

Soph loves to tell you all about things.  When we read a book, she won't let you turn the page until she describes the pictures to you.  She loves to help clean up and gets terribly mad if you start without her.  She is daddy's shadow.  She is also the queen of coming up with weird names for things:

daddy crackers- peanut butter crackers
bam bam- band aid
cow milk- vanilla milk (has a cow on the carton)
ice- she needs an ice pack to go to sleep with (it's a stalling technique)

Life will never be boring.

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