Monday, March 5, 2012


In January (I think, all the months run together!) my dad had to go down to Texas for some work.  He was gone for two weeks and discovered a new hobby, geo-caching.  Since returning home he has gotten J hooked.  Geo-caching involves basically a treasure hunt and the girls love it!  So we've spent the last few weekends going treasure hunting, which is what the girls call it.  J took them twice this weekend, and twice last weekend.  I like it because sometimes I go and it is a blast but it is also something J doesn't mind doing without me, so I get a chance to stay home and relax child-free.  This is a very new experience, I usually have to leave the house to be without children!

Here are a few pictures we took last week:

One of Sophie's treasures- a green dino (she loves dinosaurs!)

J and Sophie trudging through the woods.  Soph is a trooper and loves to collect sticks and rocks as we walk.

Soph showing off her cold weather fashion.


The girls, we trudge through the mud and everything.  Like my hat?  The girls wouldn't wear it.

(This is a Sophie heavy post, didn't realize it.  Lily loves to treasure hunt too.  Her favorite is to ride on someone's shoulders and she provides valuable entertainment- singing)

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