Friday, March 2, 2012


A few weeks ago we had our 6 month ENT check up.  The girls had tubes placed in their ears when they were 10 months.  The tubes have been fantastic!  We had one ear infection, as opposed to 6 and 7 in 3 months without them.

At the last 6 month check up neither of the girls' tubes were working and both had fluid.  So they signed us up for a new set.

A little back ground on Soph.: she has had a runny nose since she was 6 months old and snores like an old man (poor thing).  So since before the last set when in I've been talking to the doctors about what to do with her nose.  Is it allergies?  All they've told me is eh.  So I finally get the ENT to do an x-ray of her adenoids.  They are huge.  So she had them out.

Everything went well.  Both acted as though nothing had happened.  They were out playing later that day, which I probably shouldn't have allowed but oh well.  Soph still has a runny nose but I think she got a cold from me.  The snoring has pretty much stopped yay!

Lily and dad eating a popsicle post surgery in the recovery room.

A rare opportunity for me to snuggle Soph while she was still out.

Reading with dad waiting for Soph to wake up

Popsicles and Nick Jr.

Pop Pop and Lily with her second popsicle

Dino pjs, popsicles and a milkshake for Soph

Later that afternoon

Snuggling with Nana

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