Thursday, March 22, 2012

Under Quarantine and other randomness

We've been horribly miserably sick over here for the last week and a halfish.  The girls had their first bout with pink eye, which is lovely.  Actually we were pretty lucky and only the girls had it and we've seemed to have been able to get rid of it completely.  They only had bad symptoms for a little over a day.  We've had lots of rough nights though.  Both girls ended up in bed with us, taking turns, over the last few nights.

I think the culprit of some of the left over sniffles is this:
gotta love all the pollen.  We've also had some serious tick problems.  We've been doing lots of hiking and J and I both had tick bites, luckily we only found one crawling on Lily.  Ugh they creep me out.  We also found two snakes on a walk.  Can I tell you how much I hate snakes!  Being a Texas girl I've seen my fair share but I think they are on the top of my hate list.  J lets me close my eyes when they are on tv and tells me when the bad part is over.  I know I'm a child.
The tree above is in our front yard and I adore it.  It is a pain in the but though.  I think J and I (mostly J) have swept and raked up the falling petals about twice a day for the last week.  He wants to cut it down, don't worry he won't.  It blooms for all of two days and then everything falls off.  In a month or so it will drop it's seeds and then we'll get to clean all those up too.

I'll leave you with a picture of my Lily bug, she's a ham but will only let you take pictures of her when she is in the right mood.

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