Monday, April 12, 2010

7 months


Miss S
My little wiggle worm,
You have become one busy little girl. You love to wiggle and move and are so interested in everything around you. You are quick to smile and giggle and you love to hear yourself yell. It drives daddy crazy but he can't help but laugh with you when you shout and then giggle. You have started to become a little fearsome of strangers but the people you know you greet with big smiles.

You love to roll and you roll all over the living room floor. We've had a few close calls where we had to catch you before you tried to roll off the couch. It is very hard to get you dressed now too, but it is so much fun watching you learn new things. You sit up all on your own and you love playing with toys and chewing on everything. You also love to eat your solid foods. You like carrots, bananas, apples and sweet potatoes.

You are such a cheerful happy baby and we love you so much my little S.

Little Bug,
You are such a sweet and easy going little girl. You are such a happy girl but unlike your sister you are very careful with your laughs. Only certain very special things get you laughing and when Daddy or I get you to giggle it is like winning a prize. You love to snuggle and your favorite game to play is grab mommy's necklace. When I hold you you concentrate very hard on my necklace and grab it to put in your mouth.

You love to eat! You think solids are the best. You love the chicken we tried the other day. You couldn't get it fast enough and you would yell at mommy when I tried to feed your sister. It was very cute. You are fascinated with the show Yo Gabba Gabba and we watch one episode every few days. You love the songs.

You love to watch everything around you and you observe things to see how they work. You love playing with the shape sorter and these little balls Nana found with things in them that spin. You always want to hold the book when I read to you too. You have learned how to sit so well and like to sit and play.

We love you!

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