Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Few Pictures and an Update

Long time no post. It's been crazy at work and then we had spring break this week. It was nice to have a week off and enjoy the girls. I do have to say that all of a sound they have become exhausting! They are wiggle worms who are very attatched to their mama. You have to hold S to try and change her diaper and heaven forbid I try to put either of them down on their playmat so I can use the bathroom!

So here is what our week looked like:
Monday- Doctors appointments (I got all of them out of the way, 3 for me and 1 for S)
Tuesday- Shopping with Nana
Wednesday- Outlet shopping with Nana
Thursday- My Gym playdate with my MoMs club with Grandma
Friday- Mall and Easter Bunny pictures with Grandma

We had lots of fun and I am not looking forward to going back to school!

Pictures from our adventures:

The girls really liked the Easter Bunny. S thought his whiskers were really cool!

We took the girls to the park for the first time and they liked swinging. Well S did more than L.

S and Dad

Little Bug chilling

Both girls have learned how to sit in the last few weeks. L is a bit more stable then S, but both are pretty good.

L showing off her skills.

S enjoying mama's straw

My Gym play date. The girls loved watching all the bigger kids run around and play. They enjoyed the ball pit and some of the other activities but mostly they just watched everyone else.



S checking her email. Ok no really, both girls love the laptop and want to hit all the buttons.

We've started putting the girls in the cart when we go shopping. They really like checking out everything. Right now it works well because they both fit in the front and I have run to put all my stuff in the back!


  1. Hi Ashley! I found you through the Multiples & More site and I thought I'd say hi! I'm a new follower!

  2. PS: Your girls are ADORABLE!

  3. Wonderful pictures from the girls.