Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Is it Over?

Over the last week or so my milk supply has been decreasing, much to my dismay. There has never been enough to go around but now it seems like each of the girls only gets a few ounces. The last few nights L has straight out refused to nurse. I don't know if maybe she has decided that it just isn't worth the effort any more or her teeth are bothering her, but she freaks out when I try and get her to latch. She is taking the bottle just fine though. I guess she has decided to be done nursing. S is still ok with it. She gets distracted easily so we have to relatch often. So I've decided to stop pumping at work. Then we will see how L keeps doing with the evening feed and I may have to drop that one too. Hopefully we will be able to do mornings for a bit longer.

I'm glad that nature/the girls have decided on their own to wrap up breast feeding because it would have been hard to make that decision myself. I love being able to feed them but it will be nice to be able to diet and exercise and have my body back. It is still upsetting to think about not being able to snuggle them any more and they are so cute when they eat and hold hands. I will miss it so much! They are growing up so quickly!

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