Sunday, May 2, 2010

Church: Then vs. Now

The girls and I go to church every Sunday. J usually stays at home, because a) we are not the same religion, b) he takes the 2 hours of quiet to clean and get things done around the house that we don't typically have time to do (laundry, yard work, vacuuming, moping, cleaning bathrooms, washing dishes, etc.). So the girls and I go to church with my family and then to Target to run errands afterward.

It is amazing how different going to church is now compared to a few months ago.

In Nov./Dec.: The girls would sleep through the entire mass. We carried them in in their carseats and they would sleep in the carseat until we got home. Occasionally they would wake up and we would give them a bottle. Or we would go right back to my parents' house and feed them.

Now: The girls usually fall asleep in the car on the way to church (it takes about 30 mins to get there). They typically wake up on the walk from the car into the building. Then we take them out and play "pass the baby." L is typically pretty happy to sit on someone's lap and just hang out. She loves playing with my mom and sister's necklaces (so does S). Yesterday during mass L was sitting on my sister's lap and dancing with the music. She did this little sway wiggle. It was really cute! She has figured out that if she talks/yells during the service we take her to the lobby where all the other kids who are noisy go. She loves to watch the other kids.

S is a different story. She is of course my wiggle worm. Holding her during mass is like running a marathon. So she gets passed around a lot. We even sat her in a chair between my mom and me with some toys and blocked her off so she couldn't fall. She loves to watch all the people but only pays attention to one thing for a few seconds before she needs to be entertained with something else.

They both love the bells that are rung during mass. When they ring the bells both stop and look around like "where did that come from?" They are super cute!

After mass we go to Target so I can grocery shop, but diapers and formula. The girls love getting out of their carseats and sitting in the carts. I push one then my mom or sister push the other. Lots of fun!

S eating Puffs after church. I was baking so they hung out in their high chairs and "helped"

Baking and puffs are fun!

S playing before church

L before church. The girls play and hang out with Daddy while I get ready.

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