Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Monday the girls got their first set of tubes in their ears (well first and hopefully last!). They've had quite the string of ear infections, S- 7 since March (including the one she had when they put the tubes in) and L- 5 since March. J and I both had our adenoids removed and tubes, I also had my tonsils out and J had a total of 3 sets of tubes. So the girls are following in our footsteps, sorry girls.

They were fantastic about the whole process. Our day started at 2 am with their last bottle before surgery. J and I rolled them over in their cribs, they love sleeping on their bellies, and fed them a bottle. S woke a little and L not at all, I wish I could eat in my sleep- although I probably do enough eating awake! Then I tried to give them a bottle of apple juice and water at 4 am, but they weren't interested. At 6:20 we left for the surgical center and checked in at 6:40 (right on time for once!). After filling out paper work we went up to triage to get the girls vitals done and meet with the anesthesiologist. The girls were champs but L didn't like the oxygen check.

After that we went to play! That part was probably the longest. The girls had fun watching the other little girl. They are fascinated by older children. S went back with J to have her tubes placed. She was happy the whole time! She chatted with the nurses and checked everything out and didn't cry once. Then J came back and sat with L and I until it was her turn. L and I went back and she was fine until she had to leave me to be laid on the table. She wasn't as bad as I thought she would be. She whined a little but was very good.

Then J and I went to the adult waiting room and were there for all of 5 mins until S was ready for us to come back to recovery. We walked in and she was hanging out with the nurse wide awake and looking around. She was laid down with me in a chair and I got to snuggle her. She was a bit mad about being hungry and she downed about 5 oz of water and apple juice.

L came out next and she was mad! The nurse brought her in and she was flailing and screaming. J took her and couldn't calm her down. She does not like being out of control and new situations. Finally I switched babies with him and had to rock and sing to L. Then she calmed down and went to sleep and slept for a good 3 hours! S slept on the way home too.

Once both girls had a good nap they were fine! We have to do ear drops for 5 days twice a day. They are not fun! Neither girl wants to hold still long enough.

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