Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For Mama's Sanity

My Darling Children,
For Mommy to maintain her sanity she needs the following:

1. To be able to pee in peace and not with children clinging to the gate two feet away screaming their heads.
2. For you to play nicely and not pull each others' hair, stand on each other, pull each other down, or smack each other.
3. For 10 seconds without someone climbing on me, I love you and I love to snuggle but sometimes mommy needs a little space.
4. For all my hair to remain on my head. I know you are learning to stand on your own but when you lose your balance could you grab my shirt or arm and not my hair that you pull out of my head in chunks.
5. For you to sleep past 5 am.

1 comment:

  1. Someone gave us Sesame Street 40 Years of Sunny Days - the DVD. It is the best thing that ever entered our home. They watch it like pot heads at a Phish show. I use it twice a day for 15 minute intervals to take a shower and do something really decadent like shave my legs.