Wednesday, July 28, 2010

10.5 months

Dear Girlies,
I love you so much. It has been such a blast being able to stay home with you this last month. At the same time I am sad to think we only have a month until school starts again I am also a little glad because you two are exhausting. Now that you both crawl you are everywhere! You also love to fight! L you cry any time your sister comes near you and S you love to smack your sister and pull her hair. I think you are just trying to play but she doesn't like it! It is so much fun watching you learn and discover new things. You both love to crazy shake- which means waving your arms and laughing, you both do so big (S is better at it right now), you both wave but it is L's better trick. You also are figuring out how to high five and love to clap when we say Yay. You are too cute and I love smothering you in kisses. Your daddy said today that he couldn't believe you are almost a year. It has gove by so quickly.

Love you lots,

L eating a french frie off Grandma's plate at Cheesecake Factory. They were really nice and brought out a plate of bread and bananas for the girls. We love eating out! L also likes a lot of the foods her daddy likes- Watermelon, french fries and pickles (she doesn't eat a lot of french fries I promise!)
S chillin in her stroller with her sun glasses and a stolen hanger from Gymboree (we returned the hanger). Grandma and I bought her the sun glasses after she pitched a fit when we tried to take them away from her. Both girls like shopping until we take too long in a store.

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  1. Sweet girls! : ) My Mackenzie loves sunglasses too!