Friday, July 9, 2010


So I have a list of post ideas that I started and every time I get a new idea I add it to my list. Here is my problem: half the time I never actually write about them. I have ideas from months ago that probably aren't relavant any more, such as: The girls starting to sit up! Now that they are crawling it is probably obvious that they are sitting.

I have one about pooping. It just says pooping. I don't really remember what I was going to actually write about- baby poop? cat poop? When the babies came home one of our cats, Motor, decided that to get back at us for bringing these stinky, crying attention hogs into his life he would begin pooping on the floor. Lots of fun. Evidently he was really just mad about the organic flushable litter we were buying him (which I love) and decided to save mom and dad some money. We switched to the cheap stuff you can pick up at Target and Motor decided he could poop in the litter box again. Of course his pooping outside of the box confused the other cat, Joey, who is really pretty but not very smart (sweet but dumb as a brick, and I love him for it). So Joey now pees on the floor. Luckily it is only one corner of the basement, but it gross. We did take him to the vet and there is nothing wrong with him, so we are open to suggestions on how to fix this situation.

Pooping could also be about the girls. I love you ladies but boy do you poop. We decided when L was little she really liked modeling all the outfits she owned in one day because she was really good at pooping all over her outfit.

Along this same line, I am the best diaper changer this side of the Mississippi. I changed S on two chairs put together at Starbucks in the time it took my mom to pick up our skinny vanilla iced lattes (yum). She was just wet, but I am good, lots of practice. I can't wait until we don't have to pay for diapers any more.

We are almost done paying for formula. A little twin math for you: We go through 6 containers (the big ones) in a month. Each container costs about $23. So in a month we spend about $138 on formula. I do use coupons usually. Only 2 more months!

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