Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What No One Told Me

One of my favorite blogs (A Few of My Favorite Things) did this a while back. I thought I would do one too.

Things No One Told Me About Having Children:

- Worrying: I never realized I would worry all the time. Whoever said that when you have children it is like your heart goes wandering about outside of your body totally got it right. I worried when I was pregnant but I thought it would get better when the girls were born since then I could see them and I would know if there was something wrong. That's a joke. The worry only got worse.

- Going back to work: This was by far the hardest thing I have ever done. I have a hard time still, every day, leaving them at day care and going off to work. I think I knew it would be hard but I just couldn't even imagine how difficult it would be. It breaks my heart.

- Their smiles: Those little smiles and baby laughs light up my world. Of course every baby laugh is adorable but when it is your own child, oh my gosh melt your heart. There is nothing better then when my children are happy.

-Time speeds up: They grow up way too fast!

And just for fun, here is S playing on the computer with me (please ignore the double chin). We were watching Sesame Street on YouTube.
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