Wednesday, March 3, 2010


A lot of my friends ask if the girls have their own personalities yet. I always laugh at this question because of course they do. They are two different people. I guess I shouldn't though because it does surprise me how different they both are. It's pretty amazing that for two people who can't talk or really move yet they have found ways to express who they are so clearly. They have different voices and cries. They like different toys and food. It is pretty amazing.

Here are some of the things that already stand out about them:
L- She is my thinker. She loves to watch and examine things. She is going to be my little engineer. She likes to see how things work. She doesn't just play with her toys but looks at them and figures them out. She likes to examine her hands. She takes a bit longer to hit her milestones but I think this is because she wants to get it just right. When she figured out tummy time she held her head up perfectly, same with holding herself up. She never wobbles like her sister does. She took longer to laugh and smile but she does both so well now. I think L is also more musical then her sister. She loves when we sing to her. When she fusses in the car as soon as we turn on the radio she is happy. She also has a lyrical quality to her babbling. Her personality is more like her Dad's.

S is my mother's revenge. She has my personality. She loves to socialize. She will flirt and laugh and talk with people. She likes to be a part of the party. She hates to nap because she just knows she will miss something. She likes to hit the ground running and is probably a bit more daring then her sister. She rolls already and loves to stand while you hold her hands. She likes to chat and laugh. She watches people and loves to imitate. She hates to eat because she would rather play. She already steals her sister's toys. She loves to have her hands busy- holding toys, or her feet. She is my wiggle worm and is already a busy girl.

I finally have some pictures to post. Thank you Carrie for suggesting Picasa!

Miss L hanging out with Mommy at Aunt J's bday.
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Miss S with Nana at Aunt J's bday.

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