Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas cookies

For as long as I can remember every Christmas my Mom and sisters and I would make Christmas cookies. My Mom would go to her clear plastic cookbook holder and pull out a yellow piece of legal paper that had been refolded to many times, spilled on and the pencil smudged and wearing off in places. On this paper in her hand writing were the recipes for all the cookies she made every year, and that my Grandmother had made before her.

I have no idea where they really came from but this recipe (we call German Spritz cookies) is my favorite.

Cream Cheese Cookies (Spritz)

1C of shortening

3oz cream cheese

1C of sugar

1 egg

1/2t vanilla

3C of flour

Make 2 batches (do not double)

Heat oven to 375

Cream shortening- work in cream cheese and sugar

Beat in egg, vanilla and flour

Chill before putting in cookie press

I can't wait to share our cookie making tradition with my girls. I'm hoping we can all go over to Mom's tomorrow (if the roads look clear after all the snow) to help my sisters finish.

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