Thursday, December 20, 2012

Here Comes Baby 3

I'm pregnant!  I'm due June 2, 2013 and I'm thrilled.  The girls are super excited. 

I've enjoyed this pregnancy so much more than the last one.  Don't get me wrong I was thrilled about the girls too but once we found out they were twins there was a lot of anxiety because we never in a million years thought we would have twins.  Plus my symptoms were the girls were greatly amplified because of all the extra hormones.

This pregnancy (knock on wood) has been much easier.  First trimester was exhausting but little to no morning sickness.  Second Trimester (I'm 16w) has been pretty easy.  I have a lot more energy but I have a few aches and pains, mostly my back and my hips a little.  Baby also seems to be pressing on my body down south.

This pregnancy is flying by and here is to hopefully another quick and healthy 24 weeks.  I also hope J and I can figure out a name for the little one!  We have trouble agreeing :)

Blurry baby transverse and looking down at NT scan.  Baby did not want pictures taken and had its back and tush to us the whole time.

Bumpish at 13 weeks (I'm heavier this pregnancy than with the girl but I've lost 6 lbs total, baby is not a fan of food.  I'm not sick but have no appettite. I'm only allowed to gain 15-20 total.)

Blurry 15 week photo.

16 weeks

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