Thursday, September 27, 2012

Baby Questionaire

So with baby three coming in June I thought I would fill out one of these.  I did this a while ago at 5w.

How did you find out you were pregnant? Home Pregnancy Test

What kind of Pregnancy test did you take? First Response

How many? 4, all were positive. I liked watching the lines get darker

What were your 1st symptoms? Aversion to alcohol, so thirsty and couldn’t get enough to drink

Who did you tell first? My husband

Who was with you when you found out? Lily was in the bathroom with me because God forbid mommy pee alone, but we haven’t explained the whole baby thing to the girls

My 1st reaction: thrilled

Was your baby planned? Yes, but it happened fast

When was the baby conceived? Mid September

How far were you when you found out? Barely 4 weeks (10 dpo)

How did your parents react? My Mom was worried, she wants me to be healthy

My baby

Due Date: June 2, 2013

Do you know the sex? Not yet, can’t wait to find out

Any names? Nope, maybe when we find out

Any Ultrasounds? First is at 8 weeks to get a head count and due date

Have you heard the heart beat? Not yet, still early

Who do you think it will look like? Blue eyes, I’m thinking blonde

Will the baby have siblings? Yep two big sisters

Have you felt the baby move? Not yet


Did you have morning sickness? Some nausea

Did you have any cravings? Water!

Did you have any mood swings? I think I’m in a better mood, ha. Ask the husband

Are you a high risk pregnancy? Nope, not yet- hopefully it isn’t twins again. I’m being very careful about weight gain b/c I could be at risk for gestational diabetes.

Any complications? Nope.

Formula or Breastfeeding? I really want to breast feed. Hopefully I’ll make enough this time

Have you bought anything for the baby yet? Nope, not until we find out the sex. Plus we already have a lot of stuff

When did you start to show? Definitely not at 5 weeks

How long could you wear your regular clothes? With the girls it was 13w, we will see, I’ve already bought some new things

Will you keep the baby’s clothes? I’ll keep the important pieces of clothes, the favorites. I’ll save stuff for my sisters and maybe baby 4

Home or Hospital? Hospital. I would stress too much at home.

Natural or Medicated birth? I would love to try Natural but I don’t intend on having much of a birth plan.

Who will be in the delivery room with you? Husband, he did a great job the first time

Do you think you will need a C-section? Hoping I can do a VBAC if not then yes

Will you cry when you hold the baby for the 1st time? Yep

What’s the 1st thing you might say to the baby? I love you

Will you let anyone video tape the birth? Photograph yes, video now

Are you excited? Beyond thrilled, I can’t wait!

Who will help you with the baby after the birth? Husband, parents, in-laws, sisters

What is your favorite thing about being pregnant? Right now, nothing!

What is the worst thing about being pregnant? The smelliness of everything, exhaustion, aches, limits, being sick

What’s one thing you miss doing since being pregnant? Nothing really yet

Any days you wish you were not pregnant? nope

Are you ready for a baby? yep

Do you have insurance? yep

How many kids do you want? We shall see, this is baby 3, maybe four but this could be it.

Do you talk to the baby? Not yet

Do you still feel attractive? Did I ever feel attractive?

Have you had your baby shower yet? Nope, I might not have another shower,

Do you like kids? I’m a teacher, I love them

How far along are you now? 5w

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