Monday, October 31, 2011

From the Mouths of Babes

My ladies have quiet the attitude, they get it from me.  A short summary on their little personalities:

Sophie: Busy, she wants to touch every thing, explore, see what it's about.  She loves other kids but is timid in large groups of adults.  She is a snuggler and loves to sit with you and give big hugs. She can be cautious.

Lily: The princess, she wants what she wants when she wants it. She is a girly girl and a ham.  She likes figuring out how things work, and is very quick to catch on to things. She will love on you on her own terms, and is quick to have her feelings hurt.

So lately lots of funny little things have been coming out of their mouths.

Yesterday the four of us went to dinner with my parents.  When we were waiting for the check Lily was getting impatient and kept telling us, "bye bye, go in car."  So J said "ok here you drive" and handed her the keys.  We get out the car and Nana starts putting Lily in her seat.  She says "no, keys, drive, I go work, money."  Boy was she ticked when we told her she had to sit in her car seat.  She was already to drive us home.  It was a glimpse into the future.

Sophie last night had her pjs on and was listening to Daddy read.  Each girl had one of Dad's cell phone (work and personal).  J says, "ok time for bed" and holds out his hand to take the phone back.  Soph says "no, in pocket" and drops the phone down her footie pjs. J had to unzip her to get it back.  I must confess that I wear a lot of clothes with no pockets and the iPhone often ends up tucked in my bra, opps.

Another from yesterday: We went to Target (seriously it is our Disney World).  I had to get a perscription and the girls were being very good.  I said they could have one thing each.  Soph picked out a toy lion and Lily a zombie Mr. Potato Head.  Then we found an alphabet Elmo and I said they could only have Elmo if they gave up their other toys.  They agreed but then we found the baby dolls. I talked them out of that because we have at least 6 babies at home, including a Bitty Baby.  Then we found what we really wanted in the clothes sections (yes they are really my children).  Lily picked out a bright pink tulle skirt, a "pretty dress" and Sophie found Elmo slippers two sizes too big.  We were quite satisfied with our choices.

Life with toddlers is never boring.

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