Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Grandma Called Us Fish

My family has the swimming gene. My dad comes from fishermen, my mom was a lifegaurd and swim coach, my sisters and I are divers and grew up on summer swim leagues.
And guess who inherited the gene:

My bee loves to splash and swim. A few days ago we even dunked her under (you blow in their face and they breath and you both go under, my mom's trick) and she loved it- so don't call CPS!

The bug on the other hand is not a fan of feeling. We went to the beach she cried just going close to the water. S was all about it, she hated to get out. She wanted to play with the big kids, it broke my heart how she would watch them and eek at them, saying "look at me, play with me!"

L warmed up to the water as the summer went on. She just needs some time to get used to it. She is my cautious girl. I'm sure by next summer she will be a little fish too.

(I wrote this post forever ago but forgot to finish it! So here it is now)

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