Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summer break

Well I took a little break (it was supposed to be little). This was mostly just supposed to happen while we were at the beach. My aunt and uncle don't have much of an internet connection. Well then I was out of the habit so well you know what happened.

I'm back at work and teaching creative writing and yearbook. I am only part time, yay! It is weird to leave everyday at 11:30. I have lots of updates to share and I do a lot of writing with my students so hopefully I will be posting more.

Upcoming posts will hopefully include: a summer recap (with super cute beach pics), a one year photo session, birthday letters and pictures, pics of my freshly designed house!, plus some other things that have been on my mind lately! So to entice you to come back here is a sneak peak of the girls birthday pics.

portraits were taken at Portrait Innovations.

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